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8 Twists that Make Survivor: Blood vs Water So Different Than Previous Seasons

If you missed the Season Premiere of Survivor: Blood vs Water last week, you missed out on one of the best season premieres of Survivor yet! In its 27th season, Survivor continues to entertain and surprise us. Here are 8 of the twists that are sure to make this season of Survivor one of the best so far!

1. For the first time ever on Survivor, former contestants and a loved are playing the game together…or so they thought. Contestants of this season’s Survivor are:

Rupert Boneham (Pearl Islands, All-Stars and Heroes vs Villains) and his wife, Laura Boneham

Candice Cody (Cook Islands and Heroes vs Villains) and her husband, John Cody

Gervase Peterson (Borneo) and his niece, Marissa Peterson

Tyson Apostol (Tocantins and Heroes vs Villains) and his girlfriend, Rachel Foulger

Colton Cumbie (One World) and his fiance, Caleb Bankston

Laura Morett (Samoa) and her daughter, Ciera Eastin

Kat Edorsson (One World) and her boyfriend, Hayden Moss (Winner of Big Brother 12)

Tina Wesson (Australian Outback and All-Stars) and her daughter, Katie Collins

Aras Baskauskas (Panama) and his brother, Vytas Baskauskas

Monica Culpepper (One World) and her husband, Brad Culpepper (former NFL player)

Unique twists in Survivor:Blood vs Water

Unique twists in Survivor:Blood vs Water

2. The game started with a twist called “Day Zero” in which each pair was marooned together for one night before meeting up with all other Survivors to begin the competition. As a result of this twist, Survivors will be on the island for 39.5 days. The only other time the game has lasted more than 39 days was in Australian Outback, which lasted 42 days.

3. With all of the contestants finally together as a group, Jeff Probst drops a bombshell – loved ones will not be competing WITH each other, they will be competing AGAINST each other. He subsequently divides them into two tribes – Galang (which means respect in Filipino), consisting of all returning players and Tadhana (which means destiny in Filipino), consisting of the returning players’ loved ones.

4. Before the contestants have come to terms with being separated, Jeff Probst delivers another devestating twist – one person from each tribe will be voted out right then and there. The Tadhana tribe wastes no time in voting out Laura Boneham, while the Galang tribe seems torn between voting out Laura Morett and Candice, much to the shock of Survivor fans and Colton himself, who were sure he would be the first to go. In the end, Candice Cody was the first Galang tribe member to be voted out of the game.

5. With Laura and Candice standing dejected beside Jeff Probst, Jeff gives them the bittersweet news that they are not going home…yet! After a three-season hiatus from the game, Jeff Probst announces that Redemption Island is back! Laura and Candice have hope but are still reeling from being voted out by their teammates.

6. Jeff Probst isn’t done yet though. He gives Rupert and John the chance to switch places with Laura and Candice on Redemption Island. Rupert jumps at the chance, sending himself to Redemption Island and making Laura a part of the Galang tribe. John chooses to stay in the game, which he seems to later regret.

7. Each time you win an immunity challenge it is bittersweet. You are safe from elimination but your loved one is not. You could be sending your loved one home.

8. In tribal council when you vote someone out you are deciding the fate of the loved one from someone on the other tribe, and you are also deciding which person from your tribe will go to Redemption Island and potentially compete against your loved one or the loved one of another tribe member. Right now Candice (John’s wife) is on Redemption Island. Having lost the immunity challenge, the person that John’s tribe decide to send to Redemption Island could potentially eliminate his wife. Does he try to persuade the tribe to send someone his wife can beat or make a strategic decision? Is blood thicker than water?

Watch Survivor: Blood vs Water this Wednesday night. Rupert, Candice and Gervase’s niece, Marissa, will fight for their lives on Redemption Island!

UPDATE: During the second episode of Survivor it was revealed that just like Rupert and John had a chance to swap places with their loved ones, so too does the loved one of the person voted out at tribal council. When the tribes showed up to watch the Redemption Island challenge, Gervase was given the chance to swap places with Marissa and he refused. This twist means that when a tribe is voting someone out at tribal council, they also have to consider who their loved one is that may choose to replace them. This week, Rachel was sent to Redemption Island with the guys on her tribe hoping that Tyson will choose to take her place, thus weakening his tribe.

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