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7 Reasons You Should Watch Part 2 of the Rookie Blue Season Finale



Chloe and Andy respond to a 911 call about a sleeper in the park and find themselves being shot at from a rooftop. Gail and Oliver also respond to a 911 call and take fire that blows out their patrol car’s window on the driver’s (Oliver’s) side. They get out unscathed but it becomes clear now that someone is targeting 15 Division. But who is it? And why? They rule out any connection to their successful drug raid in the previous episode so they are forced to determine who else has a grudge against 15 Division. Once Celery finds suspected pedophile, Kevin Ford, lurking outside Oliver’s house and demanding to know why he wasn’t home yet, it becomes evident that the shooter is likely him. Rookie Blue’s Season Finale Part 2 “You Can See the Stars” airs Thursday, September 12, 2013 at 8ET on Global TV in Canada and at 10/9C on ABC in the United States. See below for the trailer.


Rookie Blue - Chloe gets shot

Rookie Blue – Chloe gets shot

The sleeper Chloe and Andy were investigating in the park turns out to be stuffed, but very life-like, jacket and pants, complete with shoes. A bullet grazes Andy’s jacket but Chloe takes one in the neck. Andy manages to drag her to cover and the shooter continues to fire at them. When Nick and Chris check out the building from which shots were being fired they find that the shooter is gone. Gail and Oliver arrive on scene to assist Chloe and Andy until the medics arrive. When Chloe is taken away in the ambulance she is unconscious but breathing. Turns out the bullet went through her neck without hitting an artery or else she would have been dead in minutes. She did require surgery and little is known about her recovery at this point as she has swelling against her spinal cord. She remains unconscious in the hospital. Dov is there, of course, and so is…Chloe’s husband? Yes, an officer from Chloe’s old division, Wes Cole, was called to the hospital. Chloe still had her husband listed as next of kin, go figure. The two were married on a whim in Niagara and hadn’t seen each other in a while but Wes admitted to Dov that he never met another girl like her and that maybe this was his second chance with Chloe. Dov did not say much. Tune in to Rookie Blue to see what happens when Chloe wakes up to see her past meet her present. That is, if she wakes up.


Rookie Blue  - Gail and Holly kiss

Rookie Blue – Gail and Holly kiss

We all know Gail isn’t much into small talk or verbal diarrhea so when Holly tripped all over herself in the interrogation room, trying to express her sincere worry for Gail, Officer Peck put her in a passionate lip lock after which she said, “I’m sorry. You just had to stop talking”. Holly promised she would not say another word. With neither woman’s lips preoccupied with talking, they kissed again. When Gail leaves the room she meets Oliver and seconds later sees Holly emerges. He says hello to Holly then turns to Gail and says, “That’s your friend from the forensics lab”.  Gail quickly responds, “The courier was sick, Oliver, if you really must know”. For those of you who must know where this relationship is going, you will just have to keep watching Rookie Blue.


Rookie Blue - Oliver is unconscious

Rookie Blue – Oliver is unconscious

Besides his quick wit and likable personality, Oliver also has an interesting life. First of all, his girlfriend, Celery (yes like the vegetable) the witch (yes I said witch) has moved in with him. He told Frank it was only temporary and that Celery was having her house fumigated but when talking to Gail about relationships while on patrol he says, “After knowing her for an insanely short amount of time, asking her to move in with you”. Seems it is not a temporary thing. Lucky Celery, Oliver is a good man. Which makes the fact that suspected pedophile, Kevin Ford, was waiting for Oliver outside his home incomprehensible. Why Oliver? And what is going to happen to Oliver now that Ford has knocked him unconscious with the butt of his hunting rifle outside Marlo’s house? Oliver had just arrived at Marlo’s house, minus partner Gail, to provide back up for Nick, who was minus partner Chris, and who had just discovered Marlo’s Kevin Ford stakeout pictures and notes in her basement. Will Ford find Nick in the house? What is he going to do with Oliver?


Rookie Blue - Marlo and Sam at Marlo's sister's house

Rookie Blue – Marlo and Sam at Marlo’s sister’s house

Marlo was staying at her sister’s place, which is where Sam and Andy went and gathered her after Nick found her house ransacked. Good thing she hadn’t been home. Ford definitely has a grudge against her. Is she his ultimate target though?

Currently only Marlo, Andy, Sam and Nick know about Marlo’s independent investigation on Kevin Ford but with everything that is going on, it is only a matter of time before the rest of 15 knows about it. Will her career be ruined?


Rookie Blue - Steve Peck and Traci discuss the seriousness of their relationship

Rookie Blue – Steve Peck and Traci discuss the seriousness of their relationship

Not having dated since the tragic on duty death of her fiancé, Jerry, Traci and Steve Peck (Gail’s brother) have recently started dating and it is getting serious fast. After admitting to Steve that she did not want him to meet her son, Leo, unless their relationship was going somewhere, Steve admitted to Traci, “You’re protecting your son. I get that but Trace, just so we’re clear, this is going somewhere, that is, if you want it to because, I definitely do”. They are out in the field together. Will they be safe?


Although there no allusions to anything drastic happening to Sam in Part 1 of the Season Finale “Under Fire”, the preview shows Sam getting shot! What??????


If you cannot get enough Rookie Blue you can watch episodes live online or buy the DVDs or Blu-Ray.

In the UNITED STATES – Go to ABC’s website where you can watch the most recent episodes. Unfortunately for the American viewers, if you want to watch earlier Season 4 episodes or any from the first 3 seasons you will have to buy the DVDs or Blu-Ray. 

In CANADA – Viewers can watch all episodes free online from any season. Simply go to Global’s website and choose your favorites. Rookie Blue fans also have the option to buy the DVDs or Blu-Ray all of which can be viewed in both English and French.

*All pictures on this post are video still shots taken from the full episode streaming on Global’s website

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