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5 Funny Wisdom Teeth Post-Op YouTube Videos

1. Wisdom Teeth – Best Reaction Ever posted by Maddi Studer

This video has it all – polar bear fur, a mermaid named Rascal and even Ellen DeGeneres.

2. Julie and the Deathly Surgeon posted by Cameron Garcia

Taped by her husband, Cameron, Julie has the best facial expressions and is convinced that they did not really take out her wisdom teeth out. She also insists the laughing gas didn’t phase her one bit.


3. Brother and Sister After Dentist posted by Gagka97

With only three ice packs, the brother comes up with a solution to ice all four swollen cheeks. And this is after he helps his sister find her missing neck.

4. Brother and Sister Dental Odyssey posted by robdawg300

Brother and sister have a thumb war that ends in tears.

5. “Where’s my Tongue?” – Katy Gets her Wisdom Teeth out posted by HelloKatyxo

As the title implies, Katy spends a lot of time looking for her tongue. And asking if she can go shopping “because you can never have too many shoes”.

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